We welcome new colleagues to the ToBeShore family!

September 14, 2023

ToBeShore continues to grow, and we are proud to announce that we have hired not one, but two new teams! We are pleased to introduce these new talented colleagues to the ToBeShore family who we know will bring additional knowledge and enthusiasm to our growing company.


Team 2, Thushara and Kavindu

We welcome Thushara, in the role of Senior Software Developer. With his long experience and broad knowledge in innovation and problem solving, Thushara will lift ToBeShores customer delivery to new heights. Along with Thushara, Kavindu joins in the role of software developer. With a passion for the latest technology and trends, Kavindu will strongly contribute new energy and a new perspective to ToBeShores customer delivery.


Team 3, Janani and Ayesh

We also welcome Janani, in the role of software developer. With her curiosity and passion for the latest technology, feeling for graphic design in modern frontend technology, Janani will strongly contribute to ToBeShores customer delivery.Last but certainly not least, we welcome Ayesh, in the role of web developer and graphic creator. Ayesh brings his flair for delivering outstanding solutions, whose creativity and finesse in creating online experiences will undoubtedly enhance and elevate ToBeShores digital offerings going forward.


With Thushara, Kavindu, Janani and Ayesh on board, ToBeShore as a company takes a big step forward towards our vision of becoming Sweden’s and the Nordic region’s obvious choice for expanding and strengthening the company’s development team with our hub concept!


ToBeShores goal is to use knowledge and experience to find, build and develop the best teams. To help companies of all sizes to grow and support during their journey in modernization and digitization.